LIVORNO--New scanner will be used for port and freight terminal inspections of containers.

The new scanner will be used to “x-ray” the containers that transit the Port of Livorno and the Vespucci Freight Terminal, in order to verify that the cargo matches customs declarations. In addition, it will also be used to implement “methodologies of intervention” to safeguard public security.

The new Z Backscatter x-ray portable scanner will be tested over the next 12 months by Customs Authorities in Livorno, to verify its potential and ensure that it complies with institutional needs and objectives.

This is according to a memorandum of intent signed yesterday before Prefect Tiziana Costantino by the Livorno Port Authority, the Vespucci Freight Terminal and Customs. The scanner will be used by Customs Authorities in Livorno to carry out goods inspections, while the Port Authority agrees to train all the necessary personnel.

In particular, Customs shall provide all scanner services at no cost for joint operations with other local police forces. At the end of the 12-month trial, all parties will offer a detailed evaluation on the advantages of continuing this collaboration in the future.

“The state-of-the-art scanner” explains Customs Director Massimo Ricasoli, “will allow us to save an incredible amount of time in carrying out Customs procedures.”

"It is an important new addition to the operations of the Livorno Port Authority” states President Gallanti, “we hope that the use of the scanner will contribute to an overall increase in port safety, while simultaneously speeding up the release and clearance of merchandise.”

He also expressed satisfaction at the agreement reached with Freight Terminal President Federico Barbera: “We are glad to be contributing to the solution of such an important problem for the port, as a solid and tangible proof of the joint efforts and effective collaboration between the port and the freight terminal.”

Prefect Costantino has declared that “the use of the scanner will help improve port safety at a time when particular attention needs to be paid to raised alert levels in terms of safety.”