Nucsafe Rad Nuc at border

Proven and reliable, our systems accurately detect, identify, and locate gamma and/or neutron sources without disrupting the flow of vehicles, people, or commerce. Security professionals trust our radiation detection technology to protect border crossings, seaports, transportation terminals, critical infrastructure, and indoor and outdoor venues around the world.


Our radiation portal monitors offer exceptional gamma and neutron sensitivity, detecting and identifying radioactive sources concealed in large trucks, cargo, and passenger vehicles at border crossings and ports of entry. These world-class, drive-through, radiation portal monitors are designed to operate as a stand-alone system or as part of a comprehensive cargo and vehicle X-ray inspection operation.

Pedestrian Portal

Highly reliable, our pedestrian portal monitors screen individuals and their packages for sources such as medical and industrial isotopes, special nuclear materials (SNM), and naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM). Our systems can be used as permanent security at border crossings, transportation terminals, and critical infrastructure or at temporary security checkpoints.


Our conveyor monitors accurately detect, identify, and locate radioactive sources on a moving conveyor with minimal nuisance alarms.


Our versatile, vehicle-mounted radiation detection monitors can be mounted in a van, truck, or SUV. Marine and aerial options are also available. Rapid deployment allows security and law enforcement professionals to quickly add more security at borders and seaports; provide screening of vehicles and people at high profile events and facilities; support disaster management efforts; and perform geological surveys for environmental safety.

Backpacks and Field Kits

Designed for field use, this radiation detection equipment can be housed in a backpack, briefcase, or roller bag. Not only do the systems detect gamma and/or neutron, but they also identify radionuclides, distinguishing between special nuclear materials (SNM), industrial sources, and naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM).

Handheld and RID

Compact and lightweight, these easy-to-use systems accurately detect and locate radioactive sources even in shielded materials.

Steel and Scrap

Trusted to keep steel, aluminum, and scrap metals free from radioactive contamination, our systems monitor incoming raw material, key facility locations, as well as baghouse dust, gauge houses, and metallurgical labs.

Area Monitors

Our area monitors are capable of detecting and identifying radionuclides in key locations in nuclear power plants, healthcare facilities, laboratories, manufacturing plants, and military installations.


Cutting-edge, glass-based, Lithium-6 detector technology for neutron detection, thermal neutron detection, neutron radiography, oil well logging, chromatography, and research.