Technology 1

Better security starts with better technologies. Our X-ray inspection and radiation detection technologies drive the screening systems that can detect a multitude of threats and contraband.

Our proven technologies create the most comprehensive inspection systems in the marketplace.

We follow extraordinary safety procedures and rigorously adheres to standards designed to govern X-ray scanners for security applications, including ANSI, EURATOM, and ICRP. We also use independent organizations to certify that products meet the applicable radiation standards.

Transmission X-ray Technology

Transmission X-rays provide high-energy with high-performance for greater penetration and detection—even in dense cargo. Dual-energy transmission X-rays deliver excellent image quality as well as the ability to discriminate among different material types. Learn More

Z Backscatter X-ray Technology

Z Backscatter® technology, pioneered by AS&E, provides photo-like images that reveal organic threats and contraband, including explosives, plastic weapons, and drugs. Learn More

Complementary X-ray Technology

The combination of transmission and Z Backscatter imaging provides ​complementary information for improved manifest verification and threat detection. With multiple views and technologies that deliver high-resolution images with fine detail alongside images that provide shape and form and highlight organic threats, operators get a comprehensive view ​of the contents of the vehicle or ​cargo under inspection. Watch the video to learn more.


Watch how transmission and Z Backscatter X-ray technologies work when scanning cargo and vehicles — and how they complement each other to uncover more threats and contraband.

Radiation Detection Technology

Our best-in-class gamma and neutron radiation detection technology detects, locates, and identifies radioactive sources, exceeding the strict requirements demanded by today’s security professionals tasked with border, nuclear, industrial, public, or national protection. Learn More