Your mission is to prevent terrorism, drug and weapons smuggling, illegal immigration, and trade fraud. So is ours. We’ve dedicated decades to creating and engineering superior detection systems. Each is made to fit the demanding needs of your real-world environment.

The single most trusted choice in threat and contraband X-ray detection systems.

  • Featuring the latest innovations in superior detection technologies, our high-energy, dual-energy, and Z Backscatter® X-ray systems help you see threats and contraband that other systems can miss.
  • As a result, our systems make your job easier, more efficient, and effective.
  • Security, customs, and law enforcement officials around the world put their trust in our systems.

Every day, our best-in-class cargo inspection systems combat terrorism, drug and weapon smuggling, illegal immigration, and trade fraud. Learn more about how we help protect the following environments:


Customs agencies worldwide rely on our cargo inspection systems to uncover trade fraud and terrorist threats and help facilitate trade and collect revenue. Learn More


At crowded borders and checkpoints, AS&E cargo inspection systems are essential for combating trade fraud and the trafficking of drugs and weapons. Learn More

Critical Infrastructure

We provide solutions for the safe operation of facilities that supply electricity, water, and transportation, as well as by banks, oil and gas refineries, national monuments, and other high-threat facilities. Learn More

Event Security

At high-profile sporting, political, and cultural events, we help officials counter violence and terrorism and keep drugs, alcohol, and other substances off the premises. Learn More

Law Enforcement

X-ray detection systems for courthouses, police stations, bomb squad, and drug interdiction teams to help officials perform their jobs more safely and effectively. Learn More


Rugged and effective X-ray inspection solutions for base security, critical counterterrorism missions, and force protection applications. Learn More

Air Cargo

Advanced screening technology for effective inspection of empty planes, vehicles, and air cargo containers. Learn More