Gatekeeper Intelligent RFID Decoder (IRID) accelerates entry of pre-registered vehicles and cargo by reading and verifying the RFID tag. Gatekeeper IRID, through its automated check-in process, increases throughput while maximizing accuracy.


  • Drive-through verification of pre-registered vehicles and cargo, strengthening checkpoint security

  • Automates the check-in process, increasing throughput while maximizing accuracy

  • Reads multiple RFID tag types for greater operational flexibility

Multi-Factor Security

Gatekeeper IRID system provides an extra layer of security when paired with X-ray inspection, radiation detection, or additional Gatekeeper optical inspection systems, including:

  • Verifies license or number plate against pre-defined watchlists when captured using Gatekeeper ILPA License plate reader
  • Enhances data analytics, adding make, model, and color to the inspection record with Gatekeeper IVCA vehicle classification system
  • Enables better decisions using multi-factor, real-time, actionable intelligence aggregated by GEMS enterprise software