Gatekeeper IVUS-2VF, fixed

The Gatekeeper line of multi-factor intelligent inspection and recognition solutions help to identify threats, accelerate throughput, and provide real-time, actionable intelligence to secure borders, power generation plants, transportation operations, commercial buildings, and government facilities around the globe.

Undercarriage Inspection

The Gatekeeper family of undercarriage inspection scanners strengthens security at strategic checkpoints by generating high-resolution imagery of the undercarriage of passenger vehicles, trucks, and trains; establishing the foundation for undercarriage inspection and Foreign Object Detection (FOD).

Facial Recognition

The Gatekeeper facial recognition system uses biometrics and state-of-the-art software to detect and recognize vehicle occupants; compare recognized occupants against pre-defined databases or watchlists; and identify occupants as authorized, not authorized, or neutral; accelerating entry of authorized individuals.

Vehicle Number Plate and Classification

License plate number, in combination with vehicle's classification data, authenticates the vehicle's make, model, and color and its relationship to the license plate of record. When the plate number is used to retrieve historical records, this data becomes a powerful tool in Foreign Object Detection (FOD).

Container Code Reader

Our container code reader accelerates, with accuracy, throughput at busy border crossings, railways, and seaports.

QR Code and RFID Readers

Gatekeeper QR Code and RFID readers automate the check-in process, accelerating entry of pre-registered individuals, passenger vehicles, trucks, and cargo while maximizing accuracy.


Our enterprise software is a powerful analytical tool that enables the inspector to make better decisions, in real-time, with comprehensive, actionable intelligence.