We are a trusted provider of advanced X-ray inspection and radiation detection technologies for ports, borders, military, high-threat facilities, and critical infrastructure all over the world. No matter what your mission or where in the world you’re located, our robust range of cargo and vehicle inspection systems provide maximum detection, flexibility and performance.

Helping make the world a safe and secure place.

Our customers choose us because we offer the most advanced detection technologies in a variety of configurations—all designed to meet their real-world operational requirements. With high-energy, dual-energy, and patented Z Backscatter® X-ray technology, along with best-in-class radiation detection, our systems make it easier, faster, and more efficient for our customers to find dangerous and elusive threats and contraband.

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Every day, best-in-class X-ray inspection and radiation detection systems from Rapiscan Systems and AS&E help customs officials, security personnel, and law enforcement combat terrorism, drug and weapon smuggling, illegal immigration, and trade fraud. Gatekeeper provides intelligent optical inspection and security technologies that help to identify and authenticate vehicles and occupants, and locate anomalies in the vehicle undercarriage​. Rapiscan Systems also offers a full line of cutting-edge baggage and parcel inspection, hold baggage screening, personnel screening, and trace detection products and services.For assistance with screening operations, integration, and training and staffing, S2 Global, can help you plan, integrate, automate, and centralize your scanning operations.


On September 12, 2016, OSI Systems, Inc. announced the completion of the acquisition of American Science and Engineering, Inc. (AS&E) and AS&E now is officially an OSI Systems company and part of its family of security organizations, along with Rapiscan Systems. Together, Rapiscan Systems and AS&E deliver a world-class array of powerful cargo and vehicle inspection systems to solve each customer's unique detection challenges. Learn More

On September 29, 2020, OSI Systems, Inc. announced the acquisition of the assets of Nucsafe Inc., a global leader in radiation detection. Nucsafe’s product lines, including stationary, mobile, portable, and industrial radiation detection systems, are now part of the Rapiscan | AS&E Cargo and Vehicle Inspection group, joining Rapiscan Systems’ TSA radiation detection product line, which also became part of Rapiscan | AS&E at this time. The combination of Nucsafe’s portfolio and the TSA radiation detection product family gives customers a more advanced, comprehensive range of offerings to meet their evolving needs. Learn More

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The most advanced, patented technologies in the industry. Get the inside look at Z Backscatter technology, pioneered by AS&E, and our advanced transmission X-ray technology. Learn More

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Our Science and Engineering teams are the innovation engine of Rapiscan Systems | AS&E cargo and vehicle inspection systems. They develop solutions that fulfill customers’ critical needs, solve their unmet security problems, and improve product performance. Learn More


We are committed to sourcing and providing products and services in a safe and responsible manner that respects the safety of our employees and others working on our behalf, our customers, our shareholders, the communities in which we operate, and the environment. Learn More


We follow extraordinary safety procedures and rigorously adheres to standards designed to govern X-ray scanners for security applications. Learn More

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