The MINI Z® system is the world's first and most powerful handheld Z Backscatter® imaging system that highlights organic threats and contraband. Its portable form factor allows the operator to scan in hard-to-reach places, helping customs and law enforcement screen vehicles, walls, furniture, aircraft interiors, packages, and more for drugs, currency, explosives, and other organic threats while on-the-go.


  • Completely self-contained; battery operated, wireless communications (Wi-Fi)

  • No set up required; ready for immediate operation

  • Real-time imaging on dedicated tablet

  • Optional Enhanced Detection Panel provides operators with the ability to acquire a transmission image or an enhanced Z Backscatter image

  • Four-hour operating time per battery charge (typical, based on 25% duty cycle)

  • Composite image creation with manual image stitching

Virtual Tour

Take the virtual MINI Z demo here. This highly interactive simulation shows you just how easy it is to discover explosives, weapons and drugs in a variety of challenging locations like urban environments, maritime, airfields, and borders.