Gatekeeper Intelligent Vehicle Occupant Detection (IVOD) system performs real-time, biometric facial detection and recognition for all vehicle occupants, both front and rear seats, under a variety of challenging conditions including day, night, inclement weather, high-glare sunlight, and through heavily tinted glass. The high-resolution images generated are compared against pre-defined watchlists to systematically identify the individuals as authorized, not authorized, or neutral.


  • Verifies the identity of all vehicle occupants with accuracy and speed

  • Identifies persons-of-interest against pre-defined watchlists

  • Powerful LED lights allow the cameras to see through tinted windows and ballistic glass

  • High-resolution cameras optimized for day and nigh

Multi-Factor Security

Gatekeeper IVOD system provides an extra layer of security with paired with X-ray inspection, radiation detection, or additional Gatekeeper optical inspection systems, including:

  • Verifies the connection between the vehicle and its occupants with Gatekeeper IVUS under-vehicle inspection
  • Authenticates the relationship between occupants and the license plate with Gatekeeper ILPA license plate reader
  • Validates the vehicle using RFID tag data gathered using Gatekeeper IRID RFID reader
  • Enables better decisions using multi-factor, real-time, actionable intelligence aggregated by GEMS enterprise software