Gatekeeper Intelligent Vehicle Classification Analytics (IVCA) provides additional authentication to enhance border and checkpoint security by identifying the vehicle's make, model, and color for use in higher-level security management analytics.


  • High-power cameras capture the vehicle's make, model, and color, enhancing data analytics

  • Machine learning algorithms continuously improve the accuracy of the data analytics

Multi-Factor Security

Gatekeeper IVCA system provides an extra layer of security when paired with X-ray inspection, radiation detection, or additional Gatekeeper optical inspection systems, including:

  • Authenticates the relationship between the vehicle and the license plate with Gatekeeper ILPA license plate reader
  • Validates the vehicle, comparing the vehicle classification with the "digital fingerprint" captured with Gatekeeper IVUS under-vehicle inspection
  • Confirms vehicle related data against RFID tag obtained from Gatekeeper IRID RFID tag reader
  • Enables better decisions using multi-factor, real-time, actionable intelligence aggregated by GEMS enterprise software