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Our instructors have trained thousands of customers, including supervisor training, service and operator courses at various levels, and customized training.

Operator training

Operator Training is available for all equipment either on site or at one of our training facilities. The training is designed for new users and covers topics like general safety, radiation and X-ray safety, basic radiation and X-ray theory, detailed system operations, and basic image analysis.

Students receive personalized attention from the Instructor and progress is measured by a hands-on equipment test/assessment by the Instructor and by a written exam. Students who successfully complete the training receive an Operator’s certificate.

Instructor-led Operator Training is scheduled through our training department, and should be scheduled as soon as possible after the equipment is installed. Additional training may be purchased whenever required; for example, when a new Operator is hired.

Advanced Image Analysis Training is available through our sister organization, S2 Global.

Online training

ExpertEdge, our online operator and maintenance training platform, gives customers an additional, convenient method to develop and maintain their knowledge of our X-ray inspection and radiation detection equipment. With ExpertEdge, your staff has 24/7 access to operator and maintenance training courses for on-demand, self-paced learning and direct access to additional resources such as videos, documentation, and training experts. Take a demo.

Customized training

Customer-specific training can be arranged on a case-by-case basis and is tailored to the customer’s requirements. Or existing training courses can be modified to match the training needs of the end-user and then seamlessly added to other course materials.


Train-the-Trainer certifies individuals to act on behalf of our staff as a trainer to deliver instructor-led Operator Training and to certify Operators. The course is designed for experienced, currently certified Operators of our systems who have previous training experience.

During the course, our Instructor will review the Operator Training course in detail and provide an in-depth understanding of system operation. The Instructor will work with the new Trainer to ensure that both the classroom and hands-on portions of the Operator Training material are clearly understood, enabling the Trainer to respond to students’ questions.

All training material for the specific system is provided, including PowerPoint presentations and manuals in electronic format.