Gatekeeper Intelligent Vehicle Undercarriage Scanner (IVUS) strengthens temporary and permanent inspection checkpoints, scanning the undercarriage of vehicles, from automobiles to container trucks. This industry-leading, under-vehicle inspection scanner generates clear, consistent, high-resolution imagery that becomes the vehicle's "digital fingerprint" and the foundation for vehicle inspection and Foreign Object Detection (FOD).


  • Produces clear, consistent, high-resolution imagery, overcoming the challenges associated with inconsistent driver behavior

  • Generates two high-resolution digital images, from two different vantage points, improving visibility in hard to see locations

  • Creates a "digital fingerprint" of the vehicle's undercarriage, supporting Foreign Object Detection (FOD)

  • "Digital fingerprint" provides an alternative method to recall and match historical records when the license plate is not available

Multi-Factor Security

Gatekeeper IVUS system provides an extra layer of security when paired with X-ray inspection, radiation detection, or additional Gatekeeper optical inspection systems, including:

  • Establishes the primary means to recall the historical record, enabling Foreign Object Detection (FOD) when paired with Gatekeeper ILPA license plate reader
  • Enhances data analytics, adding make, model, and color to the inspection record with Gatekeeper IVCA vehicle classification system
  • Authenticates the relationship between the vehicle and occupants with Gatekeeper IVOD facial recognition system
  • Enables better decisions using multi-factor, real-time, actionable intelligence aggregated by GEMS enterprise software


  • Fixed scanner for permanent security applications
  • Relocatable scanner for temporary checkpoints or for locations where a fixed solution is not suitable