Gatekeeper Intelligent License Plate Analytics (ILPA), with its state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, captures high-resolution color images of the license or number plate, accurately acquiring the plate's alpha-numeric value, country, and state of origin, even in the harshest conditions. This high-resolution image is compared against pre-defined watchlists to determine if the plate is associated with a vehicle-of-interest.


  • Identifies vehicle-of-interest against pre-defined watchlists

  • Primary means to retrieve historical records

  • High-resolution cameras accurately capture the plate's alpha-numeric value, country, and state of origin

  • Powerful LED lights allow the cameras to capture images in challenging lighting conditions

Multi-Factor Security

Gatekeeper ILPA system provides an extra layer of security when paired with X-ray inspection, radiation detection, or additional Gatekeeper optical inspection systems, including:

  • Streamlines Foreign Object Detection (FOD) by retrieving, for comparison and analysis, the historical record generated by Gatekeeper IVUS under-vehicle inspection
  • Enhances data analytics, adding make, model, and color to the inspection record with Gatekeeper IVCA vehicle classification system
  • Authenticates the relationship between the license plate and occupants with Gatekeeper IVOD facial recognition system
  • Enables better decisions using multi-factor, real-time, actionable intelligence aggregated by GEMS enterprise software