Gatekeeper Enterprise Management Systems (GEMS) is a powerful analytical tool. GEMS consolidates the data from all Gatekeeper devices, across all lanes; compares it against historical data and pre-defined watchlists; and presents the results in a unified, customizable view, all within a matter of seconds.


  • Enables better decisions using multi-factor, real-time, actionable intelligence

  • Supports Foreign Object Detection (FOD) by comparing, analyzing, and highlighting changes detected between current and historical under-vehicle image scans generated by Gatekeeper IVUS

  • Flags travelers as authorized, unauthorized, or neutral when faces detected using Gatekeeper IVOD are compared against pre-defined watchlist

  • Identifies vehicle-of-interest by comparing the license plate number, acquired with Gatekeeper ILPA, against pre-defined watchlists

  • Integrates seamlessly into third party software via Web API