The Eagle® C25 inspection system offers superior imaging performance for the safe and thorough inspection of both unoccupied and occupied passenger vehicles. The Eagle C25 is a gantry-based system using a 2.5 MeV linear accelerator to scan cars, small trucks, and vans for metallic and organic threats and contraband. The Eagle C25 offers a market-leading combination of performance and versatility.


  • Innovative inspection system with 2.5 MeV source for high-quality imaging of passenger vehicles

  • Market-leading combination of performance and versatility for efficient and thorough scanning at high-traffic locations

  • Operational flexibility to screen vehicles at multiple energy levels and in multiple scan modes

  • Safe inspection of cars, small trucks, vans, and other passenger vehicles

  • Scans up to 60 vehicles per hour in car scan mode, up to 25 vehicles per hour in gantry mode