The Guardian NG–Kit uses smart sensor technology to automatically recognize and configure detectors based on operational requirements, providing flexible deployment options. Depending on configuration, the Guardian NG–Kit can distinguish between special nuclear materials (SNMs), naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORMs), radiation dispersal devices (RDDs), medical isotopes, and industrial isotopes with minimal adjustments by the operator to the controls and indicators.


  • Smart sensor technology, automatically optimizing the system for the mission

  • Gamma, neutron, and alpha/beta detection

  • Radionuclide identification of illicit sources, legal sources, and NORM

  • Deployment flexibility for use as a portable or mobile system

Physical Specifications

  • Operating Configuration: Configurable as backpack, road case, or mobile, etc.
  • Number of Gamma Detectors: 6 detectors
  • Gamma Detector Material: NaI(Tl) sodium iodide
  • Number of Neutron Detectors: 3 detectors
  • Neutron Detector Material: LiZnS-PMMA
  • Kit Weight: 75 lbs (23 kg)