End-to-End Security Checkpoint Solutions

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Optimize your checkpoint with our end-to-end security solutions that integrate intelligent optical inspection, non-intrusive X-ray inspection, and automatic radiation detection technologies for comprehensive screening of vehicles and cargo.

Introducing our all-new gantry systems

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Our new line of gantry-based cargo and vehicle inspection systems features high-penetration, high-resolution imaging for detailed inspection and models that also offer a combination of transmission and Z Backscatter imaging with multiple views for even greater detection.

Your complete security solution

Whether you need to screen densely loaded cargo at a port, or scan vehicles at a busy land border or checkpoint, we can define and deliver the ideal solution for your mission. Our industry-leading X-ray inspection, radiation detection, and optical inspection technologies assist with threat and contraband detection and help to identify and authenticate vehicles and occupants. Our expert technical, program management, and service teams ensure you receive a best-in-class experience throughout every phase of your project, while our robust training programs help operators to develop and maintain knowledge of system operation and image analysis for optimal performance.