The Guardian™ CM267 is a self-contained, conveyor-based, radiation monitor that detects gamma and/or neutron sources. This highly sensitive system detects sources in luggage, boxes, and parcels on a moving conveyor.


  • Easy to operate

  • Fast, seamless integration into existing conveyor system

  • Adjustable pillar height for maximum detection sensitivity

Physical Specifications

  • Operating Configuration: Conveyor
  • Panel: Overhead, left, or right
  • Number of Gamma Detectors: 1 detector
  • Gamma Detector Material: Organic plastic scintillation
  • Number of Neutron Detectors: 1 detector
  • Neutron Detector Material: B-10 or He-3
  • External Dimensions: 70.5 in L x 18.5 in W x 12 in D (179 cm L x 47 cm W x 30.5 cm D)
  • Weight: 371 lbs (168 kg)

Performance Specifications

  • Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) Detection: 10 g of U-235 (HEU) or 25 g of Pu-239 in 20 µR per hour background passage speed of one meter per second
  • Neutron Detection: 200 g of plutonium in a shielded container that reduces the gamma flux to 1% of the unshielded gamma flux (at a distance of 1 m)


  • Ports: Ethernet

Environment / Safety

  • Temperature: -4 °F to 122 °F (-20 °C to 50 °C)
  • Environmental Protection: Designed for use in sheltered areas