• 35 pounds of marijuana seized with help of Z Portal hidden in the truck
  • In an 8 month period, one customer reported over 12,000 lbs of drug seized worth approx. $10m
  • 105,000 Ecstasy tablets hidden in a passenger van
  • 8,400 lbs of cocaine smuggled in a single container at a port in Latin America
  • 37,000 methamphetamine pills concealed in a car attempting to cross a border in Asia
  • Over 3,000 lbs of drugs with a street value estimated at $31 million
  • 17.95lbs of cocaine and 2.85lbs of heroin detected by Z Portal at border El Paso border crossing
  • 253 Pound Marijuana Seizure at El Paso Port with help of Z Portal
  • 9.45 lbs of liquid meth seized at El Paso Port of Entry with help of Z Portal
  • Hellenic Coast Guard uses ZBV to seize 11 kg of heroin from truck at Igoumenitsa Port in Greece
  • Z Portal helps detect 11 lbs of heroin, valued at $360K, in car door at US border crossing
  • 275 lbs of marijuana, worth $220,000, seized at US border crossing with help of Z Portal
  • Border officials seize 35 lbs of heroin, worth $1.1m, with help from Z Portal
  • Gemini helps officials at Taiwan Int'l Airport detect 200 kg of ketamine valued at $16.6m
  • 334 lbs of marijuana with an estimated street value of $267,200 detected by Z Portal
  • 3.7lbs of meth and 32lbs of marijuana detected by Z Portal at El Paso port border crossing
  • Customs officers seize 996 lbs of marijuana worth $796,800 with the help of Z Portal
  • Macedonian Customs uses MINI Z to detect 68.5 kg of marijuana in van's hidden compartment
  • MINI Z helps local law enforcement detect 409 lbs of marijuana concealed in a fake mattress
  • 82 lbs of cocaine worth $636K in vehicle detected by Z Portal
  • ZBV aided in 323 lb marijuana seizure from ceiling of passenger van at border crossing
  • Z Portal assists with drug seizure of 50lbs of meth in a SUV valued at +$1.6m
  • Malta Customs Officers seize 300kg of cocaine — largest drug bust in island's history


  • ZBV assists in seizure of one M16 weapon, 60 rounds of M16 ammunition, 23 rounds of PKC ammunition, an empty magazine for a Kalashnikov rifle, and a bottle of alcohol concealed in a vehicle in the Middle East
  • ZBV helps detects 269 & 45 rounds of ammo for Kalashnikov & PKC weapons concealed in a sedan in the Middle East


  • Ugandan officials utilize ZBV to detect 832 pieces of ivory valued at $6.7m
  • $4 million of pirated and counterfeit goods seized by an African customer
  • Nearly 30 pounds of a protected species was discovered using the ZBV
  • 600 turtles illegally exported in a small car


  • Z Portal helped border agency seize $68,422 in US currency from vehicle's dasboard
  • ZBV helps find equivalent of $259,000 USD in local currency, hidden inside door and under seat
  • Over $800,000 of smuggled U.S. currency at a border crossing


  • The ZBV helped reveal 1,000 gas bombs and 46 Tasers at la Goulette port in Tunisia

Trade Fraud

  • 650,000 cigarettes concealed in a bus attempting to enter Singapore
  • 1,230 bottles of hard liquor at a port in Brunei with the help of a ZBV