Inspect containers. Stop trade fraud. Keep your port safe. All in a day’s work.

Discovering trade fraud and drugs among the billions of tons of cargo moving through the world’s busiest ports each year is a daunting task. To facilitate trade and collect duties on good shipped into your ports, it’s essential you have reliable and effective technology.

Our world-class cargo inspection systems are designed to easily integrate into the port environment, efficiently scan cargo containers, and, in the process, make it easy for your team to identify the contraband other systems miss.

Cargo and Vehicle Inspection


The most maneuverable, versatile and successful cargo and vehicle screening system on the market, featuring mobile Z Backscatter® imaging.

OmniView Gantry

High-energy X-ray transmission inspection for high-penetration into complex cargo and dense objectsup to 400 mm of steel.

Sentry Portal

Advanced, high-throughput, high-penetration, drive-through inspection system for trucks and cargo containers that offers excellent image quality.

Z Portal for Passenger Vehicles

High-throughput, drive-through, multi-view screening for cars and vans with Z Backscatter® imaging.

Z Portal for Trucks & Cargo

High-throughput, drive-through, multi-view screening for buses, trucks and their cargo with Z Backscatter® imaging.

Eagle G60

A high-energy, rail-mounted scanner ideal for screening the densest cargo for threats and contraband. 

Eagle P60

A high-energy, high-throughput, drive-through portal for scanning dense cargo to help uncover trade fraud and smuggling.

Eagle M60

A high-energy mobile inspection system that is ideal for scanning cargo and vehicles at seaports, border crossings, and roadside checkpoints.

Eagle Rail Cargo Series

High-energy inspection systems for automated scanning of dense cargo transported by rail.