UK Security and Policing 2016

March 09, 2016

The AS&E booth at U.K. Security and Policing 2016 is abuzz with activity, as police, law enforcement, and security professionals from around the world have sought out AS&E to talk about our innovative detection systems – including the best-selling ZBV® mobile inspection system with its new Tx-View™ dual-energy transmission option and the groundbreaking MINI Z® handheld Z Backscatter® imaging system. Less than two years after its launch, the MINI Z has now been deployed in 30 countries across North, Central, and South America; Europe; Asia; and the Middle East.

Many attendees – which include representatives from Singapore, Hungary, Turkey, UAE, Egypt, Algeria, and several other countries – have already heard about the MINI Z and stopped by the AS&E and SCANNA booths to learn more. The AS&E team has been providing MINI Z demos non-stop, as well as updating visitors on our latest MINI Z enhancements, including image stitching to assist with image interpretation, a table mount to enable single-user operations, and a tactical backpack that provides both an easy transport method and a protective storage area.