Complete Vehicle Checkpoint Security Illustration

Every checkpoint is different. At Rapiscan | AS&E, we work with customers to optimize security, footprint, traffic flow, and conops based on threat level, mission, budget, site constraints, and future needs.

Benefit from our decades of specialized experience in civil works management and system installations, even in remote and challenging environments. Simplify your security checkpoint deployment with our all-in-one solution.

Rapiscan | AS&E makes deploying a security checkpoint easier by being a single vendor for procurement, program management, training, service, and maintenance of all checkpoint equipment. Our seamless data integration provides a complete picture of each vehicle in a single inspection record or at a command and control center

We offer all the elements to implement security checkpoint lanes using advanced technologies:

Our dedicated program management team collaborates closely with clients to streamline the development, deployment, and installation of our inspection systems. Our meticulous process starts prior to contract signing and extends throughout every project stage, encompassing planning, scheduling, civil work construction, installation, commissioning, and post-installation training and support. Backed by a track record of timely deliverables and seamless system deployments, clients can trust us to efficiently provide the optimal security checkpoint solution for their mission.