Eagle P60 ZBx

Advanced, multi-technology, multi-view, drive-through portal

The Eagle® P60 ZBx cargo and vehicle inspection system is an advanced, multi-technology, multi-view, drive-through portal designed to quickly screen cargo for threats and contraband. The high-performance system utilizes both dual-energy transmission X-rays as well as low-energy Z Backscatter®
X-rays in a high-throughput configuration for comprehensive threat detection and manifest verification.


Eagle P60 ZBx

Eagle P60 ZBx Images


  • High-energy imaging for thorough inspection of densely loaded containers
  • Z Backscatter technology for enhanced detection of drugs, currency, cigarettes, explosives and other organic contraband
  • Safely screens occupied driver cab using optional CabScan® technology
  • Multi-view technology provides 4 images for comprehensive inspection