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Rapiscan Systems and AS&E are world leaders in X-ray inspection systems with a long tradition of innovation that continues today. We’re working to discover and develop the most advanced technology available in X-ray and other detection systems. Our long-term success in X-ray technology gives our products an edge over standard X-ray inspection systems.

More than 50 years of technological innovation.

Systems from Rapiscan Systems | AS&E use proven detection technology, including such technologies as Z Backscatter® and high-energy transmission X-rays. All of our systems are safe, meet required radiation standards, and are designed with state-of-the-art safety features that protect operators, drivers, and the environment.


The most advanced, patented technologies in the industry. Get the inside look at Z Backscatter technology, pioneered by AS&E, and our advanced transmission X-ray technology. Learn More

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Our Science and Engineering teams are the innovation engine of Rapiscan Systems | AS&E cargo and vehicle inspection systems. They develop solutions that fulfill customers’ critical needs, solve their unmet security problems, and improve product performance. Learn More


We follow extraordinary safety procedures and rigorously adheres to standards designed to govern X-ray scanners for security applications. Learn More

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Inspect our images and see what you might be missing. Learn More